Dan the Snowman follows the eponymous hero, his best bro for life Joebot the Robot, and all of the friends they make throughout their story. Dan and Joe live in a city called Town in a place called “Badspace,” a sort of pocket universe-within-a-universe with worlds filled with all sorts of people. It’s pretty hard to condense it into a couple of paragraphs, but I can tell you it has or will have comedy, action, adventure, and a dash of romance.

This story has been in development for over ten years, ever since I (Ben) called Mona (my sister) on the phone and said, “hey, what about a comic about a snowman and a robot and they’re cowboys in space or something,” and Mona said, “hahaha, yes.” Obviously (hopefully), it’s evolved far beyond that, but I like to think that kind of beautiful fusion of high concept and lowest common denominator is our, like… game. Our jam.

Here’s a few things to know if you’re new here:

  • We update once a week on Wednesdays almost without exception. We keep a pretty reliable update calendar and we don’t go on hiatus between chapters. Mona once said Dan will update every Wednesday “until the sun goes out.” This thing is going to go on for years, too. Like, maybe a decade. It’s real long.
  • Make sure you listen to the music that goes along with each page! Seriously, this is really important. Sometimes the music spans several pages in a row, and sometimes it will only be for a single page, so pay attention! We always try to embed a link to the song on Youtube or something below the comic whenever it’s time for a new song. Every page’s music is named in the “Music” tag in the blog post below the comic.
  • Leave comments on the comics! Mona will usually pick one each week and respond with a little bonus comic or some art. You can talk about pretty much anything in the comments with a few obvious exceptions (like, you know, no hate speech). You can say mean things about us all day long (and, in fact, criticism is encouraged), but keep it cool-headed when you’re talking to other commenters. So, basically, “you guys suck and your comic is bad” is allowed, but “Commenter#6554’s parents were farts” is not. Our fans are our friends and we will stick up for them.

Mona is the artist: Here’s her Instagram and tumblr.

I’m the writer (I sometimes go by Benvincible, my Internet handle or whatever you want to call it) and I manage the website. I have a twitter. My IRL name is Ben Montgomery, but when I write I’m usually Benjamin Gray because there’s already a New York Times best-selling author named Ben Montgomery. But, anyway, I’m Ben.

There is a third sib! Named Caleb. A lot of our jokes are either inspired by or are just straight up stolen from him. If we had a credit line under the title, it would be something like “By Mona and Ben, with jokes stolen from Caleb.” Caleb doesn’t have public social media accounts, but he is a talented musician and composer and we sometimes use his music in the comic.

Thank you so much for coming here. And if you’ve read this far on this page, sorry for wasting your time on a page that is not a rad comic.


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