Hey, I’m Ben. This is the part I get to do.

Well, I wrote the script for the comic up top, too, although calling this my story would be a pretty nasty thing to do. My sister, Mona, drew all that beautiful art up there and definitely developed at least half the story that we’re going to be telling over the next… ten years? Maybe? It’s wonderfully long.

Really, half seems like I’m cheating her out of credit where credit is due. While I’m confident and proud of my writing, my sister is immensely talented, and if I’m being honest I believe that artists are the ones that really make comics happen. I can’t wait to see how she makes this one happen.

But, that means I get to be sortof the… host of the comic? That’s pretty fun. I’ll try to say something every week, so come visit us lots, okay?


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