Did you have a good holiday? Mona and I like Christmas a lot, so also, Merry Late Christmas. Somebody asked me last week if we were going to do a Christmas/Holiday Dan the Snowman, and I responded that I thought it was funny to focus on all the physical attributes of a snowman, but none of the metaphysical. Like, he’s a fully aware person with agency– he doesn’t have to be festive just because snowmen are traditionally festive (even, presumably, in Badspace).

I drummed my fingers staring at the Youtube page for this week’s music, and I almost didn’t pull the trigger. I might still change it if Mona texts me later with a better suggestion, and it definitely won’t be for more than one page (plus, it only half fits, because the car isn’t getting “dragged around”; indeed, it seems to be going where everyone inside wants it to be going).

But, I kind of see Joe as a Weird Al figure. They’d both rather be fun than be cool, which ironically makes them kinda cool.

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