Okay, I need to ramble a little bit. Ramble some things off my chest. Ramble about some elephants in the room.

1. This is page 50, you guys! Wooooooooo!

2. I realize now that the comic has been a soft PG so far. The nice thing about being self-published is that you don’t have to adhere to a ratings system. If you are looking for some kind of ceiling, though, then I’d say that Marv’s blurry rude gesture is probably it. We’re not ever going to go full Game of Thrones or Sin City* on it. You won’t find anything here that’s more graphic than what you’d find in a Marvel movie.

3. For anyone that didn’t see my completely unnecessary Twitter rant, we did not like Valerian. Normally I wouldn’t broadcast that and just Let People Enjoy Things®, but there isn’t nearly enough arguing in our comments section and I’d like to see that change. It’s not garbage, but it’s bad. It’s especially painful since “Luc Besson movies about Future Cities with Flying Cars and Smug Villains” is obviously pretty close to the center of our influence map. Getting into specifics would be spoilery, and I’ve already committed that crime on Twitter, so I think Mona’s one-sentence assessment is best for this stage: The biggest problem with Valerian is Valerian.

*We might go, like, 40 percent Sin City on it.

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