The comic has actually been through a few rehashes, which means this is the third or fourth time Monty has drawn this page, and it gets better every time. We’ve never made it past this page, though. It always ends at the bus. I feel like Sam at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring when he stops at the outskirts of the Shire in the cornfields and says he’s standing at the absolute furthest point he’s ever traveled away from home.

That part might only be in the film, but it’s excellent all the same. There’s so much tension in an otherwise innocent and calm moment, because he knows that taking one more step means the difference between a world of total comfort and familiarity and a world of total uncertainty. It took him a beat, but he stepped forward.


…And I’m really glad we stepped forward, too, because our Youtube channel is being a real butt. Well, actually, our luck/game capture devices are being real butts. It’s been one thing after another! Good thing Monty’s pages get better every week. Wednesdays always lift my spirits. Anyway, here’s The Doors.

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