Hey, remember when I showed you one of the times Mona drew the first page? Well, here was my version!

Haha, isn’t that terrible? I think this was an attempt to… I think Mona would call it “thumbnailing,” but that might be giving me too much credit. I think I was just trying to write by drawing an awful-but-functional version of the page that Monty would later re-draw.

As bad as it is, I think it’s kindof interesting to see how just this first page changed so much. This version has almost completely different dialog, the rifle that Currently Unnamed Dog Guy talks about is actually shown here (it looks nothing like that now),  Marv (the fella wielding the minigun in the comic above) is some kind of goofy Looney Tunes alien, and Dog Guy and Also Currently Unnamed Robot Guy are shrouded in shadow as if I wanted them to be… revealed later, or something? Maybe younger me thought Dog Guy being a dog was going to be a big twist. It seems so milquetoast, now.

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