Hey, everyone. Mona asked me to post a message from her:

Hey there Danimals!

Sorry about the lack of pages recently. I work at a grocery store and as an essential worker I feel a responsibility to the people of my community to make sure they have food to eat.
It’s a lot more work and I end most of my days exhausted.

So Dan will be in a “soft hiatus” until we climb our way out of this ordeal. We’ll still try to update when we can but before something changes keeping a tight schedule here just isn’t possible.

If you’re reading this and you are another essential worker I want you to know that I know how tough this is and I’m here with you too. Give yourself a break, we’re all doing our best but if we push past our limits and hurt ourselves we can’t help anyone.

And if you are one of the ones stuck at home, I know this sucks for you too, but you’re also helping. This is a good time for learning new things or doing a project you didn’t have time for before. I want you to give yourself a break too, though. If you’re having trouble focusing on those projects, I can’t blame you; I’m feeling the same way. No need to beat yourself up! This is one of the few times in history when you can make a real, positive difference by doing nothing at all.

Stay brave and keep fighting!


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