I’m gonna go ahead and nip this in the bud.

Dan the Snowman does actually have lore (that we’ve already hinted at a couple of times), but it is not “Earth in the far future.” I love fan theories more than I love my cats, but I rank that one on the top of the list of boring twists and fan theory cliches along with “it was all a dream” and “actor is in two different things, so they’re secretly the same character in both things.” It’s also not a Dark Tower situation where “Sunglasses at Night” sorta bled into their universe. It’s more like The Adventure Zone, where Pringles’ and Tom Bodett’s existence is canon without a lot of explanation, but not super-duper important to the story.

Am I over-explaining this? I’m probably over-explaining this. Anyway, Corey Hart, ladies and gentlemen.

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