Although I’m the writer, I do have a smidge of artistic talent. I never practiced, and so I don’t have much real skill now, but when I was a kid I was a better-than-average doodler. I used to tell other kids that the way to draw a spaceship was to just draw your favorite animal, then add engines and other spaceship bits. I appreciate Mona validating me after all these years.

On a heavier note, let’s talk about the word “psycho.” I know that in real life it’s often either a hurtful slur or used in ignorance of how it trivializes and stigmatizes mental illness. I have a pretty thick case of ADHD; I know that isn’t exactly a mental illness but it caused me a lot of problems when I was a kid and a teen, and I was called names like “psycho” more than once.

You don’t know Trip very well, yet, but maybe you’ve got a few first impressions. I hope you read this as an attempt by him to reclaim the word.

Anyway, that’s all for me over-analyzing my own comic. Come back next week when the characters generalize and call a kind poltergeist a “Ghost.”

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