This was originally going to be “Scientists, Tramps, and Thieves,” but I was like, do I really want the word “tramp” in the comic? I figured if I was gonna get rid of the “G” word, I probably shouldn’t go around calling people Tramps. No, sir, I do not want the word “tramp” even once in the comic.

So, anyway, you should buy my book! Monty drew the cover!

Well, you should hypothetically buy my book. It’s through Inkshares, which is a crowdfunding platform for books. Thing is, I’m part of a horror contest on Inkshares, and the top place right now only has, like, 50 orders, and that seems REALLY easy to beat, especially since you can get an e-book for just 10 bucks. If I get in the top three spots, I’ll actually have my book published. Like, it’ll be in bookstores. You remember bookstores, right? Those things that people wander around in while they’re waiting for their movie to start in the theater next door?

Yes, I have an author name. Yes, you’re allowed to make fun of it.

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