Hey, so, I’m a writer, right? I mean, mostly, at least. Between writing the script for Dan and editing our Youtube channel‘s videos, I write a story now and then. As much as I love comedy and sci-fi and fantasy, I can’t write any of that in straight prose format for beans. What I can write sorta pretty well, for whatever reason, is horror.

Which is weird, because I’m not, like, a spooky guy. I have a respectable-sized collection of Amiibos. I write a comic that’s just a collection of well-curated Dad jokes. The only black clothing I own also has the words “Star Wars” on it. These are not things you expect from a horror writer.

I have a collection of novellas and short stories over on my Inkshares called Manila Folders from the Department of Funerals. If you wanna hear one of those stories read by a professional voiceover artist, you can listen to it on the first episode of Fright, a new podcast that features short horror stories and little news snippets for horror fans, like features on haunted house attractions. Most of my horror is merely a spooky, Twilight Zone-level of scary, but the story featured on Fright and Inkshares is pretty grim, so be careful.

I feel bad about putting the spotlight on me this week, but I wanted to plug that before Halloween passes. Isn’t this the best looking page, though? Joe is too pure for this world.

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