The script is written pretty far ahead so that we have time to discuss and change things before the comic proper catches up. We’ve cut a few things here and there, but they always go into our back pocket for later. But, we ended up completely and permanently cutting one joke that was supposed to be on this page. It was something like

JOE: So, you think we can score some good jobs with these ties?

DAN: It won't matter if we can't keep them, Joe. 

Then it was a few panels of Dan and Joe at various jobs, and 
Joe kept doing things to get them both fired, like juggling 
rats at a hot dog stand.

JOE: Look, it's not my fault you keep getting fired.

But, that joke won’t ever work. Dan and Joe are going to be partners in the comic, but Mona pointed out that was kindof an unusual situation and you usually don’t get to hop from job to job with your best friend. “Yeah, you don’t get to do your job and have a little buddy next to you doing the same job,” she said. She had a point.

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