Happy Holidays, everyone! We celebrate Christmas, so also Merry Christmas.

I’ve always been fond of snowmen. I think everyone’s got a thing from this time of year that they particularly like. Maybe you like that cozy dimness of an overcast sky, nature’s soft lighting. Maybe you like candy cane striping. Maybe you live in Australia and enjoy barbecue season. Mona loves the cold. I think her soul is still in Vermont, where she went to art school at the Center for Cartoon Studies.

But, me? I like snowmen.

Dan’s creation was not actually an extension of that, though. Really, Dan’s creation was barely by me at all. I think I was the first to say “snowman,” but otherwise it was a collaborative effort. Inspiration yelled “snowman!” and it worked so perfectly that we both ran with it.

Still, if a person says they like snowmen, then tells you the snowman comic they write doesn’t have anything to do with that… do you really believe them?

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