So, there’s this running meta-narrative in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series that he kinda sorta isn’t really writing it. A lot of his characters and settings from other books, like The Stand, show up in the series and even a couple of things from his real life. Some of the passages were written decades apart and he describes the process like he had to wait until the rest of the story came to him so he could assemble all the pieces. He says it’s just sorta inside him, like he’s an archaeologist slowly chiseling away until the whole thing is revealed. He uses this to deflect blame for stuff people don’t like, like it’s just how the story is for better or for worse, and he can’t really help it. Like, one time a book ends on a cliffhanger and he’s all “I’m surprised it ended here, too!”

What I’m driving at here is that, while many of you may feel like we should be sorry for choosing Bob Seger for Dan’s soundtrack, I’m not. The soundtrack is alive and we can’t control it.

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