This may surprise you, but Monty enjoys making art. Sometimes he likes to make art that isn’t exclusively the art you see above! Sometimes he makes other art.

If you comment on the comic, he might make some art for you as a reply! He’s already done it on a couple of pages. Sometimes it might be a little manga bonus comic-style reply, sometimes it might be just some art! Who knows! Monty knows, probably. But, I don’t!

He can’t do one for every comment. If I had to guess, I’d say he will generally try to pick his favorite comment every week. But, sometimes he might do more than one, and some weeks it might be so hectic that he can’t do one at all. He’ll try to do as much as he can, though, because seriously, you guys, he loves you so much. Like, I appreciate you a lot, for sure, but I don’t think I could ever match the love he has in his heart for Dan fans.